Best BDSM Toys For Couples

good sexual dominant pleasuring submissive partner sexIf you and your lover are into the intense world of BDSM, you need the proper sex tools!  BDSM covers a wide range of sexual behaviors and interests including bondage, domination, submission, pain/pleasure, sexual punishment, and more.  Whether you are looking to restrain your lover in the most provocative positions or to whip him into shape, here are the best BDSM toys for couples!

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Bondage Sex Toys For Beginners

Woman with intimate restraint handcuffs for BDSM sexSexual bondage can be a tad intimidating to the beginner couple, and that’s why we constructed a list of the best bondage sex toys for beginners!  These intimate restraints are ideal for first-time users for their ease of use and comfort.  These bondage tools are non-intimidating, ensuring you and your lover get your bondage adventure started off right!  So if you are ready to take the next step and enter the world of sexual bondage, begin here!

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How To Obey Your Dom In Bed

Submissive woman obeying dom in bed

If you have come to the inevitable conclusion that you are, truly, a subservient, then you likely have a complementary Dominant in your life.  When the true synergy which is Dom/sub is in full swing, the experience can and should be completely satisfying and freeing for both.  For a submissive, there is a tremendous amount of freedom and satisfaction in serving and, yes, obeying their Dominant.  For the Dominant, there is equal amounts of pleasure and satisfaction in having their subservient obey their every command.

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Punishment Sex Toys

Sexy woman hold BDSM punishment sex toy whip

Whip your lover into shape with a sturdy punishment sex toys!  These tools are designed to administer as much pleasure as they do pain to help you fulfill your naughty fantasy.  Deter your lover’s bad behavior with a a little sexual punishment or simply strut your power with an exciting tool!  Show your lover who’s boss – misbehavior will not be tolerated in this bedroom!


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Rules Of Being A Great Sexual Dominant

dominant sex woman holding BDSM whipIf you realize that you are a sexual Dominant, but really haven’t “practiced” being a Dominant, then I am sure you have a lot of questions / concerns on how to be an effective one.  Being a good Dom is more than just “being in control”. If it were that simple to define, everyone could be a Dominant.  The truth is, to be a “good” Dominant, there are certain things you need to practice and lots of things you need to know.

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Rules Of Being A Well-Behaved Sexual Submissive

submissive woman in sexual restraintsSubmission is something that a person CHOOSES to give to a Dominant partner.  Contrary to what you may believe, being a “good” submissive does not involve doing WHATEVER the Dominant says, rather certain behaviors, acts, and sexual responses intended to enhance pleasure for both Dominant and submissive.  There are certain aspects that will make you a good submissive in the eyes of those who know exactly what makes this so.  Here are a few of them.

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